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Skytec provides leading-edge Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) mapping, inspection and data analysis services.


Analytics Dashboard Released

Analytics Dashboard Released

At Skytec, we are working through our ESRI Startup Program relationship to provide custom operation dashboards for our UAS service clients. Here is a quick view of a landfill application that incorporates live data feeds, metrics visualization, high accuracy point clouds and imagery from our unmanned systems mapping work at this site.

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Skytec Commitment

At Skytec we strive to be an industry leader in unmanned aerial data collection. We take great pride in professional service, safety of our operations and the quality of our work. We further separate ourselves from other providers through:

  • Turn-key data and processing services, specializing in:
  • - Data integrity
  • - Integration with industry professionals in engineering and mapping
  • Carrying high levels of insurance that meet or exceed client requirements
  • Emphasizing a safety culture through all operations
  • Employing a pilot corps with extensive aviation background
  • Maintaining and developing FAA Part 107 waivers, such as night time operations and authorized flights in restricted airspace
  • Deploying data and cyber security best management practices

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